Kate Chitham Fine Art
The Old Vicarage ● Edgton ● Shropshire SY7 8HN

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Kate Chitham

Kate Chitham, fine artist in Biddenden, Kent UK

“My work has always had a strong illustrative element and painting was a natural progression.”

Training and early career

I finished my training in Graphic Design in the early 80s, with a degree from The London College of Printing. After a brief spell working for a weekly advertising magazine I left to develop a varied business as a self employed designer/artist.

My first years were before the development of computers and my customers tended to be businesses just starting up. First projects would be logo design and stationery, progressing to leaflets, brochures and even designs for trade stands.

I have also worked regularly with conservation projects using my design and illustrations for interpretation panels.

Painting and sketching

Alongside graphic design I have 30 years experience in decorating reproduction antique furniture and have worked on several house painting projects using paint effects and decorative painting.

Since my work has always had a strong illustrative element, and I have been a life long sketcher, it was a natural progression to explore painting. My recent work has developed out of my life as a farmer's wife and I could be said to work from seed to paint to plate!

I have an interest in food production and follow that by trying growing my own vegetables. Pleased with garden successes I hope my bold acrylic paintings are not only decorative but will make people give the ‘humble’ vegetable a second glance. A feast for eyes and plate.